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Crystal Fantasy Football Trophy

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Some trophies don't wash easily after touching water, but crystal ones don't. Crystal cup has glittering and translucent burnish, elegant and beautiful, high-grade vogue, the mainest is easy to clean and maintain.

Most of the prizes in various competitions are crystal trophies, but how to maintain the crystal trophies has become a matter of concern for many people. Crystal itself sex is brittle, pay attention to prevent heavy pressure, fall, prevent high temperature, prevent strong base, strong acid. When moving the crystal trophy, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves to avoid greasy hands contaminating the trophy; When lifting, do not hold the top or extension of the cup. When you find dust on a crystal cup, do not use a feather brush. Instead, use a soft, non-fluffy cloth to gently brush away the dust.

The crystal trophy should be kept crystal clear, it should be cleaned frequently. When washing, do not immerse them suddenly in high or low temperature water. Hand washing is the best way to clean a crystal trophy. Be careful not to hold the top or extension of the trophy to dry or clean it, as this can easily lead to the breaking of the trophy. The crystal trophy that put long, outer layer always can attach a layer of ash, affect the beauty of crystal trophy. Wash with clean water. Although cleaning is a simple process, be careful. First by ordinary cleaning fluid, water (try to avoid using alkaline, acid and alcohol cleaning detergent, lest cause unnecessary to trophy corrosion) will need to be cleaned at the end of the crystal placed among them, and then with a soft brush or hand gently cleaning, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, stay half works with a soft towel to wipe clean can, must be careful not to water again after dry brush, such as by water after dry leaves water lines, and effect the beauty of the crystal trophy.

When storing a crystal trophy, place a mat on the shelf and place each crystal trophy one by one. Keep the crystal trophy in a sealed glass cabinet or display case to reduce the chance of dust accumulation on the crystal surface and reduce manual contact to avoid damage.

If want to store crystal trophy for a long time, do not use bubble gum paper or plastic bag. This type of packaging increases the temperature and damages the crystal. At the same time, do not put crystal trophy in attic or cellar, lest they be placed in bad environment, still want to avoid bright light illuminate as far as possible, otherwise, can affect its colour beautiful and life span.

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