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Golf Crystal Trophies

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The production process of crystal cup consists of: material selection, material opening, blank pressing, rough polishing, fine polishing, hole drilling, color plating, sculpture, sandblasting, adhesive, quality inspection and packaging.

1. Material selection: the crystal raw materials are usually divided into several grades. The best ones are those without impurities, articles and bubbles. The materials are also regular.

2. Blanking: it is the shape and size required to saw the entire material out of the crystal blank at high speed with a large saw blade.

3. Pressing: with the required size and shape of mold to produce finished product, raw material and the high temperature to 900 ℃ above melting, into the mold, die casting.

4. Rough polishing: the blank is pressed out of the mold and the diamond plate is used to directly grind the finished cutting line.

5. Fine polishing: after rough polishing, polish the finished product with polishing powder until crystal clear.

6. Drilling: drilling is done with a bit according to the size and position of the required drilling before completion of the crystal products.

6. Silk-screen printing: the crystal surface is attached with different color materials for effect processing. The color layer is thicker and the adhesive force can be removed.

7. Plating color: use similar electroplating techniques on the crystal surface with different colors and thin layers, which can be scratched and scratched by friction. As the plating color is often located at the bottom, other objects are often attached at the bottom of the plating color, such as shengxiao wenzhen.

8. Sculpture: strong three-dimensional sense, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost. Divided into manual engraving graphics, machine engraving text.

9. Sandblasting is applied to the crystal surface through a special medium covered with film, and then the machine shocks the crystal surface with sand of different thickness to form the pattern required by customers.

10. Some crystals are assembled from several parts. Here I need to assemble all the parts. This is a meticulous work, the slightest carelessness will cause the whole product to be scrapped.

11. Packaging: the crystal trophy will be cleaned and put into a special golden box.

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